What is the Frilly Lilly Glow?

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing For the Frilly Lilly Glow

Where Can I Get the Frilly Lilly Glow? 


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Laser Facial Treatment

Frilly Lilly has teamed up with Clear + Brilliant to provide our clients with a unique facial treatment that uses safe, fractional laser technology.

It works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue and yields younger looking skin.

The Frilly Lilly Glow treatment is non-invasive. 

The Benefits

Most clients can expect an improvement in the look of fine lines, reduction in pore appearance, and an improvement to skin tone and texture.

Results are both immediate and progressive. A few days after your treatment your skin will feel softer, look brighter, and appear more even in tone. Results can last for months depending on your age, skin condition, and how you protect your skin.

Best of all, you can expect little to no downtime!


What is the Frilly Lilly Glow?

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The Frilly Lilly Glow is gentle so there are only a few steps to prepare. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the treatment area a week prior to your treatment. Stop using any skin-thinning treatments or medications a week prior to your Frilly Lilly Glow treatment. This includes retinol and alpha hydroxy acids(AHA). You should arrive for your treatment without makeup and your skin should be recently gently cleansed. Most importantly, be sure to have a consultation with your licensed health care professional to see if the treatment is right for you!

After You Get the Frilly Lilly Glow

You may notice some redness and your skin could feel hot. This usually only lasts a few hours.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure. You'll also want to avoid scrubbing your skin for a week after your treatment. Do not use any skin thinning treatments or medications for at least a week. This includes retinol and alpha hydroxy acids(AHA). Make sure you regularly hydrate your skin with a gentle and light moisturizer. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You can notice results in as little as 1 treatment. Most clients receive noticeable results in 4-6 treatments. Your results depend on your skin and frequency of treatments.

I Have More Questions! Who Can I Ask?

You can see more information on www.clearandbrilliant.com. You can also contact one of our boutiques to request a phone consultation with a Frilly Lilly Glow technician to get more information. Lastly, please feel free to email us at glow@frillylilly.ca.