The frilly lilly Beauty Ambassadors bring you tips, tricks, and exceptional expertise from the most outstanding ladies we know.

Nadia Albano is a true style guru. She’s a highly sought after hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion consultant. On top of all that, Nadia’s a columnist for The Province, Toronto Sun, and 24 Hour, and is a beauty blogger extraordinaire. She’s a woman who knows her stuff, and uses those talents to make other women feel great about themselves. What tips does she have for frilly lilly ladies?

“We all have a style category that we can relate to.  Some of us fall into more than one category depending on our lifestyle, and our personal and professional goals. I’ve created the “5 C’s™” that define a spectrum of style. This helps my clients embrace a sense of identity to pursue their perfect image. Which category do you fall into?

Casual – Your style is easy and effortless.  It’s all about comfort and functionality.  You’re a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal and will choose flats over stilettos any day. The perfect polish? Pure:

Classic – Your style is timeless and polished.  You never fallow fads and trends.  Your style icon is Audrey Hepburn and your go-to outfit for a special event is an LBD with pearls and peep-toe pumps. The perfect polish? Cranberry Velvet:

Chic – You’re a modern and minimal gal, and gravitate toward classic yet edgy pieces.  Your wardrobe consists of mainly black, white and grey with elements of neutral tans, blush pink, and navy.  You love leather and anything with spike embellishments! The perfect polish? Sable Wool:
Charming – You are the ultimate girly-girl!  You love color, dresses, and accessories.  You’ll choose a cardigan sweater over a blazer any day.  You identify mostly with “Charlotte” from Sex and the City. The perfect polish? Swanky:
Couture – You believe that in fashion, rules are meant to be broken.  Your style is unique and unusual; anything goes. You like to stand out from the rest of the crowd and can turn a vintage scarf into a cool halter top in a pinch (and make it look so haute!) The perfect polish? Smoky Felt:
Nadia Albano”