Every couple of months, Lisa Colley, one of the creative forces at frilly lilly HQ, gets to dream up the next sensation that will pop up in the window displays at our boutiques. The frilly lilly brand was dreamed up to be whimsical, feminine, and fun, and there’s no shortage of ideas that let us flaunt our girly side. This month’s inspiration? Old fashioned soda shoppes and ice cream parlors. 

For this creation we spent some time with our graphic designer, poking around flea markets, and, of course, rolling up our sleeves for some good old fashioned arts and crafts. 

The result? Welcome to… 

We wanted to take a trip back in time to the sweet and colorful 30’s and 40’s where the ice cream parlor was the neighborhood’s hottest spot and pin-up girls held all the power.

We used antique bowls and jars, pink twine, adorable vintage straws and other vintage finds. Don’t be fooled though, these indulgent displays of our tub-side treats won’t taste as good as they look.