How Do Bikini Memberships Work?

The next time you visit a Frilly Lilly boutique, you’ll have the option to sign up for a Bikini Membership.

  1. Choose whether you’d like the Brazilian or the Hawaiian membership.
  2. Choose if you’d like a Monthly membership or a 6-Week membership.
  3. Enjoy the perks!

You will automatically be charged regularly based on your membership selection. Every month (or every 6-weeks), you’ll receive a Bikini Wax Credit that you can redeem at any Frilly Lilly boutique. This credit doesn’t expire and can be used anytime.

What Does Your Membership Include?

  • Your bikini wax at membership price.
  • 10% off additional services.
  • 10% products, jewellery, and accessories.
  • The satisfaction of being savvy shopper.

Anything Else I Should Know?

We’ve made the Bikini Membership process simple and easy. Your credit card will remain safely on file and charged monthly or every 6 weeks. There is a minimum 6 service commitment once you sign up.

After 6 bikini waxes, you can discontinue your membership by providing your Frilly Lilly boutique 30 days written notice (email is fine!). You must receive written confirmation of your membership cancelation from Frilly Lilly. This is to ensure we have received and processed your cancelation request. It also helps avoid any miscommunication or confusion.

Once a Bikini Wax Credit has been paid for, they do not expire. Unredeemed Bikini Wax Credits can still be redeemed even after your membership has been cancelled.

Additional membership perks and discounts are only valid during active memberships. Once cancelled, any added perks and discounts will immediately stop. Any paid and unredeemed Bikini Wax Credits will remain valid until redeemed.

Any other questions? Contact us!