Love Instagram? Love free stuff? Here’s a chance to win a Pampering Pedicure for you and a friend with our Tag Your Toes contest!

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How do I enter? 

1) Follow @frillylilly on Instagram.

2) Upload a pic of your pedicure to Instagram and include “@frillylilly” in your caption (not as a photo tag).

What else do I need to know? 

The prize is 2 x Pampering Pedicures awarded to one winner.

A winner will be announced via Instagram on Friday, September 4.

Photos of your DIY pedicure are also acceptable.

Multiple entries are accepted, as long as it’s a new pedicure each time!

Entries must be received via Instagram, they are not valid on any other social network.

Entrants must be from Canada (sorry US friends, we still love you!)

More questions? Contact us!