Since Oprah only comes out with her favourite things once a year, I’m always on the watch for great finds to share with my family and friends. From flea markets to Rodeo Drive, here are the things that have been making my life just a little bit more lovely: 

1. Couture Prairie and Flea Market Treasures by Rachel Ashwell – The latest book from my ‘shabby chic’ style icon (available September)
2. John Frieda Ceramic Hair Dryer – An essential post-beach tool.
3. J Crew Men’s Irish Linen Shirt – One of my favourite women’s looks that exudes effortless style.
4. J Crew Metallic Foulard Capri – Just the right balance of sass and style.
5. Miu Miu Metalic Sandals – Life is too short for boring sandals.
6. The Cross – My favourite store in Vancouver with the most elegant and rustic housewares.
7. California – One of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world.

Debra Van Dyke
President and Founder