What is a Frilly Lilly Bikini Membership?
Everything You Need to Know.

Read on for how it works, how it benefits your wallet, and answers to FAQ’s!


Haven’t you heard? We have Bikini Wax Memberships!

First, can we just say, bikini waxing is what we do best. It is the cornerstone service of our beauty boutique menu–all the way back to 2005, when we first opened. And our clients agreed! We were granted a shining reputation (that continues on today!), as well as a long-standing customer loyalty. So we decided to reward our loyal clientele, and facilitate consistency for our newer clients.

What is a Frilly Lilly Bikini Membership?

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you sign up.
    Name, phone number, all that regular stuff, plus your payment information.


  1. Choose between a 4-week or 6-week pay period
    These 2 options reflect the recommended time between appointments. Some people prefer every 4-weeks, others go a little longer between appointments. If you tend to go even longer, read on to see how you still benefit from a membership!


  1. Choose between Hawaiian or Brazilian bikini waxes
    You can book for either one, at any point!


  1. Book your next appointment!
    Yup, it’s literally that simple.

Here’s how it benefits you, and your wallet:

  • Alberta: $60 Brazilians and Hawaiians
  • British Columbia & Saskatchewan: $55 Brazilians and Hawaiians
  • 10% off all other services (yes, really. Pedicures, manicures, facials, brow and lashes services, all the good stuff!)
  • 10% off all retail (that means products, scarves, jewellery, cards, everything!)
  • Consistency! (Isn’t it nice knowing exactly when you’re getting waxed next? We’ve all gone in a little too early, or let things grow a liiiittle to much. With a membership, all the guesswork is done with!)
  • Exclusive offers and promotions

Sounds pretty darned good, doesn’t it?

A few things you need to know about signing up:

  1. You can only sign up in person! We value your privacy, and will only collect the strictly necessary from you. That being said, what we do collect is sensitive information. To ensure your info is kept private, please visit us at your local boutique to sign up.
  2. You will be automatically charged according to your preferred method of payment every 4 or 6 weeks (you decide the frequency when signing up).
  3. You are signing up for a minimum 6-service (6 Brazilians or Hawaiians) commitment period, so that you can get a good feel for the benefits of consistent bikini waxing!
  4. When cancelling or freezing your membership, please provide written 30 days notice so we can track the status of your request and ensure it has been processed. You can notify us by emailing your boutique, or [email protected]. If you do not receive confirmation of your cancelation, please call your boutique directly.



We want you to feel as confident and excited about these benefits as we are. One of the best things about Frilly Lilly Bikini Memberships is that it offers regularity, and consistency, on top of a discounted rate for our loyal clientele.

We understand that sometimes life throws you a curveball and you can’t follow through with your appointment. When that happens, here are some of the most frequently shared concerns, and “what ifs” about the details of your membership:

  • Unredeemed Credits
  • Backed up credits
  • Starting 6-month commitment
  • Freezing or Cancelling memberships

Unredeemed Credits

What if I’m not in town for the next month’s appointment?

What if need to cancel or move my appointment?

I don’t want to pay for something I didn’t get!

Have no fear! Credits carry over. You can redeem your unused, paid-for Bikini Wax credits at any time!
Think of it this way:

When the automatic payment is withdrawn from your bank account, it is transformed into a Frilly Lilly Brazilian or Hawaiian Bikini Wax credit.

  • You’ve paid for that credit, it is now yours to use for that service.
  • It does not expire.
  • We will not charge you more, or less than what was previously agreed upon.
  • When you book in for your appointment to redeem this credit, the price will not change from what you have already paid.
  • It is now attached to your Client Profile in our booking system, and will automatically be applied when you receive the service (whenever that may be).
  • If you do not use it (for any amount of time), you can still redeem this credit the next time you come in.


Backed Up Credits

What if my payment went through for 1 or 2 Brazilians, but wasn’t able to make it in for them yet? How do I catch up?

I book my bikini waxes on a different timeline than the 4-week or 6-week cycles. Can I still benefit from a Bikini Membership?

Everyone benefits from a Bikini Membership! First of all, those credits never expire, so you won’t lose them. If something happens where you’ve paid for your discounted bikini waxes, but have not yet had a chance to come in and redeemed them, have no fear! You may redeem them at any time.

If you have credits to catch up on, you are able to freeze your membership (and automatic payments) after your 6-month commitment period, and use your unredeemed credits! This is especially helpful if you are not planning on getting bikini waxes for personal reasons for a certain period of time.

The bottom line is: You paid for it, you receive it!

Please remember that when you sign up, you sign up for a 6-month commitment period (which equals 6 Brazilians or Hawaiians), after which you can freeze or cancel your membership at any time.


Starting 6-month Commitment Period

It’s been 6 months, and I don’t think the membership is for me. This month’s payment for my Brazilian came out already, if I cancel my membership now, will I have to pay regular price when I come in?

If the discounted membership rate was successfully paid for through your preferred method of payment, and you decide to cancel your membership before redeeming it, that credit is honoured and does not expire. Any new services that have not been booked under active membership will no longer have a discounted rate, and will be charged full price.


If I freeze/cancel my Bikini Membership, can I still enjoy benefits on retail and other services?

When you freeze or cancel your membership, all associated benefits are also frozen/cancelled.


…And there you have it, folks! Now you know everything about what is a Frilly Lilly Bikini Memberships: its amazing benefits for not only bikini waxing, but all other services, retail, exclusive offers, and the consistency that gives you the absolute best results. Check out our Instagram for our video on Bikini Memberships, and check back soon for our next blog post topic!


Still have questions? Contact your local Frilly Lilly boutique, send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, or email [email protected]
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