How lucky are we? Another Frilly Lilly boutique to welcome to the family! Frilly Lilly East Village is now open in one of Downtown Calgary’s coolest new neighbourhoods. Mother-daughter duo Connie and Holly can’t wait to welcome you to their beautiful new space. In the meantime, get to know them with this Q&A!


Connie (L) & Holly (R)

1) What made you decide to open your own Frilly Lilly boutique? 

Connie: My daughter Holly’s passion for Frilly Lilly got me excited to be a part of it.

Holly: After working for Frilly Lilly for over four years at another boutique, I knew it was the next step to take (and it was the right one)!

2) What excites you most about owning your own business? 

C: Creating a positive environment for our clients to be their best.

H: The feeling I get to create with the people that come into Frilly Lilly. It’s always been a place I consider my home, and I want people to feel just as welcome.

3) What advice would you give your 10-year old self?

C: Enjoy every day and don’t be in a rush to grow up.

H: Don’t listen to the negative people that you will encounter. Pave your own way.

4) What is your favourite thing about Calgary?

C: My whole family is here!

H: It’s home.

5) If you could have brunch with any woman (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

C: My Mom, she’s my best friend and confidante.

H: Ellen! Do I really need to explain this one?

6) Name the person who has inspired you most in your life? 

C: My Dad.

H: My family.

7) What is your favourite Frilly Lilly product? 

C: I love all of our Body Scrubs, but picking a favourite scent is way too tough.

H: I love our Bikini Care Solution. It’s the best after care product I’ve ever used.